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Spider Solitaire Online

Spider Solitaire is a free online game that you can have fun with. The game is played with two decks of cards (104 cards in total), which are shuffled before the game. In the single suit mode, you will only play Spades. All cards are stacked into ten piles of six cards in the first four piles and five cards in the last six. Each pile contains one card face up. The rest of the cards are placed face down in the Stockpile to take part in the game later. In Spider Solitaire, your task is to sort all the cards in descending order (King to Ace) and complete the eight foundation piles.

How to play Spider Solitaire?


The first 54 cards are played in 10 piles of six cards in the first four piles and five cards in the last six (Tableau). The last card in each pile is faced up, the rest are face down. You can move open cards between piles to get a descending sequence from Ace to King.


Moving open cards or packs of cards between piles requires some conditions. First, the top moving card must be the same suit as the last card in the pile it moves into. Second, all moving cards must be less than the last card in the pile it moves into in rank by one. For example, you can only move a card of 9 Spades to the pile containing the last card of 10 Spades. Thirdly, a pack of cards can only be moved to another pile if all the cards in the moving pack are in the correct descending order.


The remaining 50 cards remain face down in the Stockpile away from the Tableau. You can use them when all cards are blocked, and you don't know how to move on. Click on the Stockpile to add these cards to the game. They are dealt ten cards at a time, so you have five chances to play all the cards.


There are eight foundation piles above the Tableau. Each of the piles, consisting of cards in descending order (from king to ace), should be placed in the foundation pile. You can only move entire stacks (not each card individually). The game ends when all the foundation piles are filled and there are no more cards left.


At the beginning of the game, you have 500 points. Each move costs you one point. When you collect the entire stack, you will earn 100 points. For example, if you spend 21 turns collecting one foundation pile, you will have 579 points - minus 21 points for 21 moves and plus 100 points for the entire pile. Be careful - if you have no moves left to go further, the game will be over.

Did you like Spider Solitaire?

If you are familiar with classic solitaire, it will not be difficult for you to understand the rules of One Suit Spider Solitaire. The main difference is the number of cards (one deck in classic solitaire and two decks in the Spider version). What's more, in Spider Solitaire, you can only stack cards in foundation piles with filled piles in full descending sequence (rather than one card at a time, as in classic solitaire). Otherwise, the rules are the same. There are cards that are placed in piles of one card face up (Tableau). Other cards remain in the pile face down (Stockpile) and are taken in the game later. Above the Tableau there are eight Foundation piles where stacks of cards are placed in the correct sequence. An interesting fact: the game got its name from its resemblance to spiders, which have eight legs (and in the game you need to collect eight piles to win). The game ends when all foundation piles are filled and there are no more cards left, or when all cards are locked, and you have no moves to continue. Play Spider Solitaire online and defeat the Spider!